What Are the Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Parents usually have numerous questions about orthodontic treatment for their children. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, orthodontic treatment for children should start at around seven years of age. This allows Dr. Doleac to evaluate the child’s existing and incoming teeth to determine whether or not early treatment might be necessary. What is early

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Halloween Fun with Braces

Halloween is a favorite holiday among children due to the festive games, imaginative costumes, and candy. Modern celebrations stem from a combination of traditions from Pagan and Christian traditions throughout the centuries. The original holiday was called Samhain and derived from the ancient Druids of Ireland. In their belief system, November 1st marked the beginning

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Why Damon® Smile?

Dr. Doleac and our dedicated team at Magic Smiles are pleased to offer Damon Smile for our patients. Damon braces allow your teeth to move more comfortably and easily than do traditional braces. Thanks to these innovative new braces, achieving your perfect smile will be faster and easier than you ever thought possible. You’re probably

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