Invisalign Treatment in Portland, OR: What is it Like at Magic Smiles?

Invisalign Treatment in Portland, OR: What is it Like at Magic Smiles?

Dr. Doleac and his team at Magic Smiles are leading providers of Invisalign for teens and adults in the Beaverton, Scappoose, and Portland, OR areas. His expertise with Invisalign has produced amazing results and our patients love how convenient and easy clear aligner treatment is. But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to some of our incredible patients talk about their own experiences with Invisalign at Magic Smiles.

Paul – Adult Invisalign Patient

“My name’s Paul, and I’ve been with Magic Smiles for about a year and a half now doing Invisalign. I’d say my experience has been really good. It’s been really easy. There were a couple of roadblocks just because of my teeth but they were able to handle it and it’s been great.

“I chose Magic Smiles because of their reputation. Dr. Doleac is, I believe, an Invisalign [VIP Diamond provider] so that was really large for me. And the fact that I’m a little bit older, so I wanted to go to somebody a little more veteran. I think coming to Dr. Doleac’s office is one of my favorite things. The staff is really friendly and always happy, even with the pandemic. It’s just a joy to come in. I’d definitely refer someone to Dr. Doleac because of the professionalism that he has and how good he is at what he does.”

Judy – Adult Invisalign Patient

“My name is Judy and I got Invisalign as an adult and I’m really happy that I did. I always had overlapping front teeth, right here they overlap quite a lot. Everybody always said that I had a really beautiful smile, but when I started having problems with teeth grinding, my dentist recommended possibly having braces.

“I ended up having Invisalign put on by Dr. Doleac and I just really love the results. I wasn’t really looking for a smile change, but I’m really happy with the results and I’d recommend Dr. Doleac to anybody.”

Josiah – Teen Invisalign Patient

“My name’s Josiah and I’ve been here with Magic Smile for six months and I just finished my Invisalign aligners. Everybody is just really cool. They make the visit go real nice and smooth. A friend of mine had come here before. I asked them where they went and they said here. I was just happy because after the after the whole process I feel like I got that sparkling smile, that magic smile.”

Adult Invisalign Patient

“Look at my beautiful new smile. Dr. Doleac has just absolutely given me the most perfect smile, I am so happy. My teeth just did not look great anymore. Even as an adult, I just didn’t want to live with that. The staff and everybody here has just been wonderful. My whole treatment has been painless, it has been very convenient. It’s been easy and I would recommend Invisalign at Magic Smiles to anybody. This has absolutely given me my smile back.”

Dr. Doleac and the team at Magic Smiles proudly serve the Beaverton, Scappoose, and Portland, OR communities and surrounding areas. In addition to Invisalign for teens and adults, we also offer a range of braces options as well as early orthodontic treatment and accelerated orthodontics.

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